SW Achieves New Heights at World Police & Fire Games

From the moment the flame was lit during the spectacular opening ceremony at GM Place until the last competator headed home, venues ranging from UBC to Whistler were crawling with full time professional firefighters, law enforcement, customs and correctional officers from around the world!

The World Police & Fire Games feature a wide range of sports including traditional ones like track & field, soccer and softball to unconventional sports like angling, darts and wrist wrestling! The most popular being hockey…

The magnitude of this event far surpases that of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, which expects around 3,500 athletes. World Police & Fire Games has roughly over 10,500 athletes competing making this the largest games in the event’s 24 year history, surpassing the previous record held at the Barcelona games in 2003.

Setting up the games involved major logistical challenges with around 50 venues.

This marks the second time the games have been held in Vancouver and the first time the international organizing body has gone back to a location!

Services Provided by SW during this event:

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