Expand your event audience with an online presence

Hybrid event solutions by SW allow the best of both worlds – physical events with online participation

Hybrid Possibilities:
  • Remote Presenters

  • Health Directive Compliant

  • Venue-to-Venue Communication

  • Video Conferencing

  • Easily Scalable Events

  • Professional Video Studio

  • Pre-Produced Presentations

Remote viewing breakout rooms

Reduce physical interactions by breaking up large groups into multiple remote rooms with spaced out seating.  Speakers can deliver their presentations to multiple venues simultaneously to viewing screens in each room.  Presentations can be filmed from the SW studio, offering your viewers a high quality and high production value experience as if they were at a large convention hall.

Technology Options
Learn more about SW’s Virtual Event Platform
SW Hybrid Events can accommodate your existing communications solutions from most popular providers
Why go hybrid?

Better Reach:

With restrictions on gathering sizes not everyone in your target market will be able to attend your events.  By making your event also available online, you’ll remove these barriers and reach more people with your content.

Improved ROI:

Just because someone is unable to attend your in-person gathering doesn’t mean they expect to pay $0 for the content you’ve prepared. You can sell virtual access to your conferences with SW’s Virtual Event Platform, boosting event ROI along the way. You can also use keynote and session recordings as promotional pieces in the future, which has the potential to significantly lower your marketing costs.

Valuable Data:

It’s much easier to track event engagement through virtual conferences through detailed analytics. This information can then be used to improve event details in the future.

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